Support the Work

So far, everything you see on Being+Counted was designed, built and funded by me. It was designed as a safe space for all of us to tell our stories and my hope is that it will be the go to source for those who want to hear and learn from those stories. It was built to be in service of you and my hope is that as more folks use it and give feedback, I will be able to continue to iterate, improve and extend it.

To do that requires resources to:

  • Maintain the platform
  • Continue to add the features you all ask for
  • Pay for hosting and other fees to keep the platform up
  • Most of all, to provide support to you as you are using it

This platform was designed and built out of love. If you find it useful, and are able to, please consider contributing to help us maintain, improve and continue this important work.

Thank you – Dean