The future is uncertain right now. People are scared, suffering – even dying.

As a storyteller, Dean Bardouka, the creator of Being Counted, decided to use his own feelings of fear and uncertainty and harness them to build something generative – something for everyday people to express themselves and capture their experiences –to tell their stories.

His aspiration is to make space for peoples’ stories around their job security, the policies that are affecting them and their experiences interacting with various companies, agencies and government officials during this crisis. The stories will be self published, unedited by us and in their own words. And, will capture (anonymously) important statistics that can be used as reference to help serve us all.

We have seen so many step into their power during this time and perform generous, selfless and heroic deeds for others. This platform will celebrate those acts as much as possible. Dean believes that doing so will demonstrate the opportunity for others to follow suit and rise to the occasion.

Dean is the founder of Element Five, a branding/strategy agency and certified B Corp that works almost exclusively with nonprofit organizations and social enterprises.