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Things are moving fast right now. Don’t let your story get lost in the shuffle. Anonymously share your experience during this crisis – about your work, as a customer and as constituents. Be Counted!

How it Works

Step 1: Search Records
Look up the organization/individual you want to add an experience to
Step 2: Add a Record
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Simply add it/them to our database
Step 3: Tell Your Story
Look for the tabs at the bottom of the Record to submit your story

Share your story today – its free, secure and anonymous.

Your Story Matters

This platform was made for you to tell it.

All too often, when the world is in crisis, important stories and details of what happened are lost in the panic and chaos. This platform was design to capture the important stories (your stories) during the current crisis. Our goal is to preserve them as a reference, so that we can remember everything possible, both the good and bad for a long time to come. 

Please add your voice and story. Help us build a permanent record of what’s happening to everyday people during these difficult times – make sure you are Being Counted.

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